It has been reported that the UK Police will soon pay home visits to deliver warning messages to streamers using pirated or third-party IPTV services.

Instead of sending the warning via letters in the mail, the police will hand over the cease-and-desist notice in person.

Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) has been rigorously cracking down on pirated IPTV service providers in past years. However, in the first-of-its-kind move, FACT is helping the UK Police identify and warn users to stop using illegal IPTV immediately.

fact uk police home visit iptv crackdownfact uk police home visit iptv crackdown

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Nearly 1000 subscribers have been identified and targeted for in-person warnings following a recent crackdown on one of the popular IPTV services.

Following is an excerpt from the FACT press release:

Over 1,000 individuals have been identified following raids by West Mercia Police against a UK-based illegal streaming service that was supplying entertainment and sports content via modified boxes, firesticks, and subscriptions.

While the providers face severe penalties and long imprisonment, the streamers have also not been spared during crackdowns, as is evident from the following excerpt from the same press release by FACT:

In 2021, two individuals, Paul Faulkner and Stephen Millington were sentenced to a total of 16 months in prison for watching unauthorised streams.

Please note that Paul Faulkner and Stephen Millington were also the developers and distributors of illegal IPTV and not just streamers.

However, this new move by the authorities indicates that even the users will not be spared.

What are my Options?

At, we do not condone piracy and copyright violations. Therefore, we advise you always to use legal IPTVs and subscription services to watch your favorite channels.

At the same time, we champion your right to privacy. It is apparent that the IPTV service providers keep a log of your personal information, and the authorities can easily breach their database. As a result, there is always the risk of your privacy getting compromised.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to protect your privacy. Always use a VPN to hide your IP address and online identity while streaming. I recommend ExpressVPN because it uses military-grade encryption technology and 100% identity protection.

Wrap Up

Again, we do not encourage piracy. Always watch content available via legal and official channels. However, you have the right to privacy, and you can maintain it with a VPN.

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