This guide explains how to set up and watch Comstar IPTV on FireStick. You can use this guide to set up Comstar IPTV on any FireStick or Fire TV device.

How to Watch and Set Up Comstar IPTV on FireStickHow to Watch and Set Up Comstar IPTV on FireStick

What Is Comstar IPTV?

Comstar IPTV is a subscription-based content streaming platform hosting over 7300 live premium TV channels and a library of over 9000 video-on-demand movies and TV shows. Comstar also hosts several multi-lingual live channels, meaning you are not locked out of the streaming experience if you don’t speak English.

Major content sections on the Comstar IPTV app include news, Sports, Documentaries, Live channels, Kids, and many more. This app also has good streaming quality, with most of its content available in FHD, HD, and SD.

In addition to its vast library, multi-lingual channels, and content from over 50 countries, Comstar IPTV also offers affordable, monthly, bi-annual, and annual subscription plans.

Attention, FireStick Users!

Governments and ISPs constantly monitor your online activity, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick could lead to serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend getting the best FireStick VPN to mask your IP address and securely stream your favorites.

I personally use ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN available. Not only is it easy to install on any device, it comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can always get a refund. ExpressVPN is currently also offering a whopping 3 extra months free on their annual plan!

Here are reasons why using a VPN at all times is essential.

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Is Comstar IPTV Legal?

Comstar IPTV is a third-party app that is unavailable on Amazon App Store. For this reason, can’t verify the legality of this app’s content. Therefore, ensure you verify the safety and legitimacy of Comstar IPTV’s content before setting it up on your FireStick.

I scanned the APK with Virus Total. It did not find anything suspicious about Comstar.

comstar safe and legalcomstar safe and legal

Given that your government and ISP can track your internet activity even on your FireStick, streaming illegal content can get you in trouble if you don’t take precautions. It is recommended you use a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activities from everyone.

Comstar IPTV Plans and Pricing

Comstar offers a free 48-hour trial to review the app’s features and TV channels before purchasing.

Other than the free trial, Comstar IPTV has four types of subscription plans: monthly, three-month, bi-annual, and annual plans. The monthly plan costs $14.99 and comes with over 10,000 worldwide channels, Full HD and HD channels, Pay-per-view events, one device per connection, and 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime.

The three-month, bi-annual, and annual plans cost $29.99, $49.99, and $79.99, respectively.

how to watch comstar iptv on firestickhow to watch comstar iptv on firestick

To use this service, you’ll need to create and sign in to a Comstar IPTV account. When creating an account, you’ll also need to select FireStick as the connection device, enter personal details and select a payment method before completing registration.

Comstar IPTV Overview

Here’s an overview of features available on Comstar IPTV:

  • Over 7300 live TV channels from all over the world
  • Over 9000 movies and TV shows
  • Content and live premium channels from over 50 countries
  • Pay-per-view Events
  • HD and SD channels
  • A favorite section for channels and VOD
  • EPG/TV Guide
  • 99.95 uptime
  • 24/7 TV shows
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • 48-hour free trial
  • Multiple payment platform options
  • Subscribing to Comstar IPTV

The official site for Comstar IPTV is, and the APK link is

Fortunately, Comstar IPTV APK was not flagged as malicious after scanning it on VirusTotal.

comstar iptvcomstar iptv

Visit the official Comstar IPTV website, select a plan of your choice and pay for it. Note that it can take up to two hours before your service is activated.

Once the payment has been received and confirmed, you’ll receive an email with the subject “Comstar Service Info.” This email will contain login credentials and other details essential to help you set up Comstar IPTV on FireStick.

How to Set Up  Comstar IPTV on FireStick

Follow the steps below to set up Comstar IPTV on your FireStick:

 Legal Disclaimer: This tutorial is purely educational. doesn’t own, host, operate, resell, or distribute any streaming apps, addons, websites, IPTV or services. The page contains some unverified services, and we are not certain whether they hold legal licenses to distribute the content. does not verify the legality of each app/service in all regions. Do your due diligence if you use any of the unverified apps/services, and stream only content that is available in the public domain. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the media accessed. 

Part 1: Prepare FireStick To Download Comstar IPTV

Comstar IPTV is a third-party app not hosted on the Amazon App Store. For this reason, you’ll need to download and install a Downloader before installing this app on your FireStick. Use this guide for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing a Downloader on FireStick.


After downloading and installing a Downloader, the next step is to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on your FireStick. Next, proceed with the installation steps below.

Part 2: Setting Up Comstar IPTV on FireStick

Setting up Comstar IPTV on FireStick only takes a few simple moves. Here’s how to do it:

1. On your FireStick, launch the Downloader app.

comstar iptv on firestickcomstar iptv on firestick

2. Click Enter a URL or Search Term Field.


3. Type in the following URL:, and click Go.

Note: We are not affiliated with the individuals or entities who host this link or the IPTV app therein. This URL leads to the original source of the APK.


4. Wait for the app to finish downloading.

comstar for firestickcomstar for firestick

5. Click Install.

how to install comstar iptv on firestickhow to install comstar iptv on firestick

6. After installation, click Open.

comstar tvcomstar tv

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now all ready to stream your favorite content. However, before you start, I would like to warn you that everything you stream online is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming free movies, TV shows, Sports might get you into legal trouble

Thankfully, there is a foolproof way to keep all your streaming activities hidden from your ISP and the Government. All you need is a good VPN for Fire Stick. A VPN will mask your original IP which is and will help you bypass Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions.

I personally use and recommend ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and most secure VPN. It is compatible with all kinds of streaming apps and is very easy to install on Fire TV / Stick.

We do not encourage the violation of copyright laws. But, what if you end up streaming content from an illegitimate source unintentionally? It is not always easy to tell the difference between a legit and illegal source.

So, before you start streaming on your Fire Stick / Fire TV, let’s see how to use ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities hidden from prying eyes.

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN HERE. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, you can use it free for the first 30-days and if you are not satisfied with the performance (which is highly unlikely), you can ask for a full refund.

Step 2: Power ON your Fire TV Stick and go to Find followed by Search option.

vpn for jailbroken firestickvpn for jailbroken firestick

Step 3: Now type “Expressvpn” (without quotes) in the search bar and select ExpressVPN when it shows up in the search results.

install expressvpninstall expressvpn

Step 4: Click Download to install the ExpressVPN app on Fire TV / Stick.

get vpn jailbroken firestickget vpn jailbroken firestick

Step 5: Open the app and enter the login credentials that you created while buying the ExpressVPN subscription. Click Sign in.

login expressvpnlogin expressvpn

Step 6: Click the Power icon to connect to a VPN server. That’s all. Your connection is now secure with the fastest and best VPN for FireStick.

connect button for expressvpn on firestickconnect button for expressvpn on firestick

You can also read more detailed info on using ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick.

7. The Comstar IPTV Login window will appear on the screen.

comstar login detailcomstar login detail

8. Use the login credentials you received on your email to log in and view channels on the Comstar App.

How to Use Comstar IPTV on FireStick

The first thing to do after downloading and installing Comstar IPTV on your FireStick is to move the app to your home screen. Moving an app to your home screen helps you avoid the inconvenience of scrolling past multiple apps when you want to stream using Comstar IPTV. Here’s a guide on how to move Comstar IPTV to your home screen.

comstar iptv guidecomstar iptv guide

As mentioned earlier, Comstar has a vast library of Video-on-demand movie and TV show content and over 7300 premium live TV channels. Comstar IPTV sources its content from over 50 countries, with each country’s name listed as a category. Sub-categories under the country’s name also include the number of channels from that country.

For a more enjoyable streaming experience, Comstar IPTV has a favorite section where you can save live channels and VOD to view later. This IPTV service also has a record feature, so you’ll never miss out on your favorite live channel or TV show. You can record and watch at a convenient time.

Comstar IPTV has excellent streaming quality. All its content is in FHD or HD. The app also has minimal to zero video buffering. Additionally, Comstar IPTV offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and features TV shows 24/7.

Other significant Comstar IPTV features include an EPG or TV Guide for more straightforward navigation, a variety of premium sports and movie channels, and a curated list of international live TV channels. For the VOD section, you can find TV shows and movies using the title or genres like action, drama, horror, and documentaries.

Finally, Comstar IPTV offers a free 48-hour trial and other affordable subscription plans, including a 7-day plan at $7.99. You can pay for your subscription using payment options such as Credit/Debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin. Remember, each subscription offers only one streaming device option at a time.


What Channels Will I Find on the Comstar IPTV App?

Comstar IPTV has a wide variety of live TV channels from over 50 countries. Other channels on this app include News, Entertainment, Kids, Documentaries, Music, Kids, Food, and many more.

What Is Comstar IPTV’s Streaming Quality?

All the channels and content on Comstar IPTV can stream in FHD, HD, or SD. Streaming on this app will also get minimal to zero video buffering.

Is Comstar IPTV Free?

No, you need to subscribe to one of the available payment plans to stream content using the Comstar IPTV app.

Wrapping Up

Comstar IPTV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable streaming platform with a wide selection of channels. In addition, this IPTV platform offers numerous features like a Favorites section, a recording tool, a TV Guide, and many more.

Setting up and watching content using the Comstar IPTV on FireStick is straightforward. Overall, this app’s streaming quality and content variety make it one of the best IPTV platforms in the market.


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