Business owners in Hollywood took on the expense of installing planters to help keep homeless encampments from impacting their stores.

The planters are set up alongside the sidewalk near the legendary Sunset Sound Recording Studio, located on Sunset Boulevard.

The driveway to the business was previously inaccessible due to the amount of tents on the sidewalk. But now, the area looks different.

Video obtained by KTLA from the area shows a few tents still set up near the businesses. But just a short distance away, several planters have been spaced at an equal distance down the sidewalk to make it more difficult for homeless encampments to grow.

The studio’s owners installed the planters and garden beds to take measures in their own hands to protect their business. They say officials are not doing enough to tackle the issue.

Sunset Sound owners say they recognize the difficulties unhoused people face, but they cannot allow homeless encampments to impact their business.

The Sunset Sound Recording Studio was burglarized in February. The owners say the thieves defecated on a drum set.

Last year, the recording studio was targeted in an arson attempt.

Officials have promised to tackle homelessness in Los Angeles County. City of L.A. Mayor Karen Bass’ Inside Safe initiative aims at reducing the number of unhoused people living on the street and providing shelter to those in need.

In 2023, there were an estimated 75, 518 unhoused people living in L.A., according to the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. Homelessness increased by 14% from 2022 to 2023, LAHSA says.