COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A family owned business is now sounding the alarm about a pair of recent thefts at their store. They said the incidents happened just a week a part. 

The owners of Blue Spruce Mercantile remain frustrated that they lost over a thousand dollars worth of goods. One of the owners told KRDO13 the thieves walked out of their front doors with carts full of stuff right when they were about to close up shop for the day.

Surveillance camera footage from Blue Spruce Mercantile on May 2 shows a woman taking everything  out of a shopping cart and simply walking out of the store. The cashier at the store alleges that she never paid for any of it. 

“It’s scary and it makes me mad. I mean, this is a family owned christian business, to take from us is just so wrong,” said Emily House, Cashier at Blue Spruce Mercantile.

But the thefts did not end there. Exactly a week later on May 9th, the owner, Tareja Mitchem, alleges  the woman came back, but this time with “friends.”

On the surveillance camera footage you can see two men walking out of the store with items in their hands and multiple items in a shopping cart. 

“It’s a pain point for us just because we’re a small, family owned business that opened here to bless the community. Times are super hard right now,” said Mitchem.

Mitchem said the alleged thieves ended up getting away with $1,400 worth of stuff. Both employees and the owners are hoping arrests are made soon. 

“I would like to see them get caught and for it not to happen anymore,” said House.

Colorado Springs Police said this is an active and on-going investigation. At this point, no arrests have been made. Police are working to identify suspects.

If you have any more information that could help them, you are asked to call police.

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