In a landmark development in the fight against illegal streaming, authorities have secured a significant conviction in the realm of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Following years of concerted efforts to curb illicit streaming activities, this conviction marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against digital piracy.

In South America, authorities have escalated their anti-piracy campaign with the implementation of “Operation 404”. Launched in 2019 by Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the operation aims to eradicate illegal streaming activities. Named after the HTTP 404 error message signifying the unavailability of a webpage, Operation 404 strives to make illicit content inaccessible on the internet.

Recently, Operation 404 achieved its first conviction, targeting individuals involved in supplying illegal IPTV streaming services. The case was publicised by Alianza (Alliance Against Pay Television Piracy), comprising major media providers such as Warner Bros, Discovery, The Walt Disney Company and La Liga.

The convicted individual, identified only as A.W.A.P, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison by Judge Marina Figueiredo Coelho of the Fifth Criminal Court of Campinas in Sao Paolo.

Operating under the moniker “Flash IPTV”, the defendant had amassed over 20,000 subscribers and generated an annual revenue of $914,500 (£725,271) before being shut down by Operation 404.

Since its inception, Operation 404 has led to the arrest of 11 individuals through the execution of 32 search warrants. Additionally, reports indicate that 606 websites hosting illegal content have been blocked across Brazil, Peru and the United Kingdom, reflecting the operation’s widespread impact on combating digital piracy.

Meanwhile, India witnessed a crucial court ruling aimed at safeguarding the broadcasting rights of the Indian Premier League (IPL), necessitating the prohibition of illegal streaming websites to prevent the hosting of unauthorised streams.

The recent surge in endeavours to combat providers of unauthorised access to films, television shows and live sports without subscription has drawn global attention. With an increasing number of individuals worldwide resorting to illegal streaming via platforms like IPTV, law enforcement agencies have intensified their efforts to crack down on such activities.

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