IPTV alternative with thousands of free films and shows that you can legally watch

It’s completely legal and free

The growth of Internet Protocol television – known as IPTV – has coincided with a growing crackdown from authorities on those refusing to pay for premium content and instead watching it for free illegally.

But there is content out – we’re talking thousands of TV shows and films – there that’s completely free to consume if you are one of those that is avoiding paying up.

Okay, so no one is arguing that the cost of subscribing to streaming services and digital TV packages is cheap.

Add up monthly subs to Netflix, Sky or Virgin Media, Sky Sports, TNT Sports, Disney+, Amazon’s Prime Video, and Apple TV+ and you’re talking hundreds from every pay cheque.

Most of us probably mix and match the ones we deem the most essential. We’ve even put together a handy guide that could save you hundreds a month by playing the system a little bit.

The cost of premium content is certainly part of the reason why so many consume it for free, even though this is illegal, with the growing presence of IPTV showing no signs of subsiding.

An IPTV boom is no doubt why efforts are seemingly being upped when it comes to end illegally streaming the likes of the Premier League. This includes crackdowns in the UK with 11 questioned by police just last week.

Illegal streaming is arguably more popular than ever.

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And in the last few days, a landmark court ruling has come in that allows people using illicit methods to watch premium content to be tracked, traced, and fined by authorities.

For those who may well use IPTV or other methods to watch the latest Netflix show without paying for a subscription, there is one service out there that could help you get that TV or movie fix for free and without breaking the law.

It’s home to thousands of different shows as well as more than 100 TV channels, and can be downloaded to the very same Amazon Fire Stick you might be using for IPTV means.

We’re on about Amazon Freevee.

A separate service that sits alongside Prime Video, the free streaming app was previously known as IMDb TV.

Freevee has 150 FAST TV channels; which stands for free ad-supported streaming television.

The Premier League is cracking down on illegal streaming of its games.

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Among the TV shows you can watch on Freevee is the BAFTA award-winning Skins; iconic soap opera Neighbours; and American sitcom Parks and Recreation; and award-winning drama Madmen.

When it comes to films there is Drive; Donnie Darko; The Road; Chef; and Bronson.

If you already have Prime Video, you don’t need to do anything with Freevee added to your Prime Video app. But you can also watch it independently of Prime Video as a standalone app on a variety of devices.

This includes all Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS and Android mobile devices, PlayStation 5, and smart TVs.

If it isn’t available on your device, you can stream Freevee titles from your web browser on the Amazon website or the Prime Video app via the Amazon Freevee Channel. Freevee is currently available in the US, the UK, and Germany and Austria.

An example of how the Amazon Freevee app looks on your TV.


Amazon says: “Amazon Freevee is a streaming video service with thousands of premium movies and TV shows, including Originals and free ad-supported streaming TV channels (FAST channels), available anytime, for free.

“A wide variety of content is available on Amazon Freevee. From an always-updating library of broadly appealing popular movies and TV series across a variety of genres—including comedy, drama, suspense and animation— a variety of always-on FAST channels, there’s something for everyone.”

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