Important warning if you watch IPTV through jailbroken fire sticks

Netflix, Disney, Amazon and five other big media companies are starting to twist the knife when it comes to piracy

If you are one of the millions that watch premium content for free via IPTV, particularly through a jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you might want to take note.

IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, has become a common way for people to watch the latest Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+ films and TV shows without paying for a subscription.

The same goes for live Premier League games being broadcast on Sky Sports or TNT Sports.

The only problem with this is that it’s highly illegal and violates copyright law to a significant degree.

This isn’t putting people off though, with one million more IPTV users predicted in Europe alone before the end of the decade.

But those who own the copyright to the premium content being leaked for free are starting to have had enough with the illicit practice.

In Spain, the country’s top tier domestic football league, La Liga, is launching a massive legal crackdown on illegal streaming of its games.

Amazon Fire TV Stick. Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick. Amazon

Elsewhere, an ‘urgent’ court orders have also been passed as well as the introduction of a new ‘Piracy Shield’ system that bans IPTV and illegal streaming websites.

And now, attention has turned to Amazon Fire TV Sticks that have been jailbroken for illegal IPTV streaming.

Jailbreaking a device involves bypassing its operating system. In this instance, it is done by organised criminals that sell the jailbroken fire sticks installed with IPTV apps that can then be used to watch premium content.

Well, over in the United States, eight of the world’s largest media companies have had enough of this.

They’re that annoyed with the damage it has done to their businesses that they’ve launched a huge legal fight in the American courts against alleged suppliers of IPTV via fire sticks.

IPTV is used for piracy means by millions. Getty Stock Images

IPTV is used for piracy means by millions. Getty Stock Images

Amazon Content Services LLC; Universal City Studios Productions LLLP; Disney Enterprises Inc; Netflix Worldwide Entertainment LLC; Columbia Pictures Industries Inc; Paramount Pictures Corp; Sony Pictures Animation Inc; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc are all named in new court paperwork that has been filed in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas.

The eight companies – through their joint legal team at Los Angeles legal firm Munger, Tolles & Olson – have filed a massive copyright infringement case that has been aimed at IPTV websites and those behind them.

The court documents have been filed against defendant Texas-based William Freemon, his company Freemon Technology Industries LLC, and other websites hosting illegal streaming including ‘’.

Netflix has had enough of IPTV. Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Netflix has had enough of IPTV. Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Through Munger, Tolles & Olson, the eight companies allege Freemon sold modified Fire TV Sticks that let people access access to 11,000 illegal channels, 27,000 movies and more than 9,000 TV shows. To keep access users had to pay from $20 a month up to $150 a year.

The case is now expected to go to trial, with statutory rights in the USA saying damages up to $150,000 could be paid for every single copyright infringed work.

That’s clear to see here is that those whose content is being pirated via IPTV, fire sticks, or illegal streaming websites are truly fed up and they’re not afraid to take legal action to stop it in its tracks.

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