Illegal IPTV services might struggle to operate if a proposed criminal justice bill becomes law in the U.K.

The Criminal Justice Bill covers a number of issues including plans to tackle fraud in multiple ways, including domain and IP suspensions. This could spell trouble for illegal IPTV services and piracy websites, even though the bill doesn’t mention the operations specifically.

This comes as law enforcement authorities and government agencies around the world continue to wage war on pirates. The ever-changing nature of technology as well as the vast number of streaming services fuel the problem and make it increasingly difficult to completely stop.

According to the bill, investigators would be able to ask a judge for a suspension order. The order would force the IP address or domain name provider to suspend or deny access for up to a year if fraudsters violate the provider’s terms of service.

In addition, overseas providers often require a court order before enacting a suspension. The bill would make it easier to serve the suspension orders internationally to address threats outside of the UK.

As of this article’s publication, The Criminal Justice Bill is being read by a committee and will then return to the House of Commons by January 30.

The news was spotted earlier by Torrent Freak.