Hacker sends warning to Brits planning to illegally stream Fury vs Usyk using IPTV or fire sticks

Fury’s undisputed title fight with Usyk is expected to attract a huge audience.

Boxing fans have been sent a warning over illegally streaming Tyson Fury’s heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury, 35, will take on Usyk, 37, in a massive undisputed title fight in Saudi Arabia on May 18.

The WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF belts will be on the line, as well as The Ring magazine heavyweight title.

The fight is expected to attract a massive worldwide audience, with the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 2000 set to be crowned.

While the fight is available for purchase through PPV, a significant percentage of viewers are expected to attempt to illegally stream the bout using IPTV or fire sticks.

The Fraud Act 2006 states that it is illegal ‘to watch TV or streaming services without paying the required fee‘.

And a renowned hacker has warned fans of the dangers of streaming sport illegally.

Professional Jenny Radcliffe claims anyone who illegally streams is putting themselves at risk of viruses which could allow hackers to steal personal information and even potentially access people’s bank accounts.

“The perception that illegal streaming is a victimless crime is completely inaccurate,” she told LADbible TV.

“The sites that host these services are loaded with malicious links, back doors and tricks to access people’s digital and financial information, giving professional criminals an open invitation to steal from anyone who engages in these activities.”

She added that hackers could run up ‘multiple charges to credit cards’ and ‘install malware on devices’ in addition to stealing documents and information.

“Engaging in illegal streaming makes you a prime target for professional fraudsters,” she added.

Fury will face Usyk in Saudi Arabia later this month (Image: Getty)

Fury will face Usyk in Saudi Arabia later this month (Image: Getty)

“And what is worse, because these activities are illegal, victims may have little or no recourse for recovering their losses and may even face criminal charges themselves.”

The Premier League, Sky Sports and TNT Sports have cracked down on illegal IPTV services in recent years.

Last month, two men from Worcestershire were handed suspended prison sentences and community service orders for running an illegal service that had almost 4,000 paying subscribers.

Meanwhile, a YouTube star in the United States was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for running one of the largest TV piracy schemes ever prosecuted by the US government.

He was also forced to forfeit $30 million in assets, with the funds provided by the service stolen from legitimate sources.

How can you watch the fight legally?

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UK viewers can watch the fight legally on Sky Sports, TNT Sports and streaming service DAZN.

Fans can pay £24.99 on DAZN and will also receive a one-month membership, while it is £24.95 on Sky Sports.

Elsewhere, boxing fans can sign up for a monthly subscription to discovery+, the home of TNT Sports, for £30.99.

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