Vallery Maravi and Leah Crowley

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Fall River Vision is opening its doors to customers once again after a fire forced the optometrist to close in 2022.

“We didn’t know if we would ever be able to open up again,” said owner Dr. Christina Herald.

Herald and her staff witnessed the five-alarm fire at Mariano Bishop Boulevard from across the street.

The fire at Mariano Bishop Boulevard that forced Fall River Vision to relocate.

While their building didn’t sustain serious damage and no one was hurt, Herald still had to shut down her business just four months after opening.

“We were in the office trying to get patients charts in the dark, in the cold. We could see our breath. Our fingers were freezing. We didn’t know where we’re gonna go,” Herald explained.

While they were closed, Herald said patients continued to call and ask when the optometrist would return.

“It really motivated us to try to work through all the issues to make sure that we could reopen,” Herald said.

Nearly two years after the fire, Fall River Vision is back open and ready to welcome patients in a brand new office on North Main Street.

Herald is grateful for all the support she received from the fire department, patients and the community. “We are very fortunate that we are back open,” she said.

Fall River Fire Captain Neil Furtado said he believes the fire was accidental, but it remains under investigation at this time.