A former ‘Top 10’ Beast TV reseller was allegedly still selling subscriptions for the popular illegal IPTV service, according to a lawsuit filed by DISH and Sling TV last week.

DISH and Sling’s lawsuit accuses John Gwaka Magembe and Joyce Berry of operating websites Channels4Cheap and Purchase-IPTV to continue selling subscriptions to Beast TV. Gwaka Magembe and Berry face claims that they violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the Federal Communications Act. DISH and Sling are seeking a permanent injunction along with damages that could total half a billion dollars, according to TorrentFreak.

The original IPTV service was shut down in 2020 following a lawsuit filed by multiple Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and Bell Media. At the end of 2020, Channels4Cheap posted an image on its website that claimed Beast TV wasn’t shut down.

“Defendants sell Device Codes [subscriptions] to the Service on the C4C Website for $2 for a [48-hour] trial; $15 for one month; $40 for three months; $70 for six months; and $120 for twelve months, depending on the option selected by the user,” the complaint obtained by TorrentFreak, said.

The illegal reseller channels advertised over 4,000 live channels and global sports channels including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and UFC as well as free pay-per-view events and hundreds of U.S., Canadian, Latino, and Indian channels.

This is just the latest scammer takedown in the seemingly never-ending battle against pirates using IPTV services to deliver illegal feeds. The problem has motivated everyone from pay-TV providers and studios to government officials and sports leagues to get involved in rooting out these services.

Piracy is a pervasive issue fueled by streaming services largely replacing physical discs, and the swath of streaming services available. It’s no longer economically feasible for viewers to watch everything they want to, increasing the chances that they will seek out illegal options.