For its third year, China Film Co-Production Corporation brought together the Chinese film community and international industry leaders through events and conversations

Under the guidance and support of the China Film Administration, China Film Pavilion, which is organized by China Film Co-Production Corporation (CFCC), once again promoted exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese film community and their international counterparts at the 77th Cannes International Film Festival, which opened May 14 and runs through May 25. 

Since 2022, China Film Pavilion has been set up at many major international film events, such as Hong Kong FILMART, Cannes film market Marché du Film and the American Film Market. It has promoted quality Chinese films and film companies, staged a variety of exchange activities and initiated cooperation between Chinese and overseas companies. Throughout the years, China Film Pavilion has played an increasingly significant role in promoting the overseas trade of Chinese films and facilitating exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign filmmakers. 

For its third appearance at Cannes, the China Film Pavilion consisted of a booth and a pavilion this year. The booth in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès presented more than 180 quality Chinese films from recent years. Meanwhile, the pavilion in the international village held special events such as roundtables, panels and film promotion activities. 

“Since 2022, when China Film Pavilion was first set up, the number of foreign visitors interested in Chinese films has been increasing by year,” said a China Film Pavilion staff member. “New released blockbusters, actions and comedies as well as animations all attracted attention.” 

Among the films presented at the booth were “Legends of the Condor Heroes: The Gallants,” “Chang An” and “Creation of the Gods Ⅰ: Kingdom of Storms” — all of which exemplify the allure of traditional Chinese culture. 

Additionally, there were films depicting the daily lives of ordinary Chinese people such as “Gold or Shit,” “Lighting Up the Stars” and “B for Busy” as well as classic restored films like “Street Angel” and “The Story of Qiu-Ju.” Many industry professionals seeking consultations and exchanges visited the booth. In addition, booklets on the exhibited Chinese films and overviews of Chinese-foreign film co-productions attracted many visitors, while promotional videos showcasing the Chinese film industry also captivated numerous visitors. 

“We hope to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign film industries through China Film Pavilion and help Chinese films go global,” a CFCC spokesperson said. “Through the pavilion, and film as a medium, mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign filmmakers can be deepened to further foster communication and cooperation for mutual development. China Film Pavilion will continue to explore a broader platform for Chinese and foreign film exchanges.” 

In 2023, a total of 971 films were produced nationwide in China, including 792 feature films, and China’s mainland hit box office of RMB 55 billion (approximately $7.6 billion) with admissions of 1.3 billion, making China the world’s second-largest film market. In 2024, the Chinese film market has shown consistently strong momentum. Influenced by various factors such as quality content, continuous market expansion and robust audience support, the box office for the New Year, Spring Festival and Qingming Festival have all hit new heights. As of May 5, China’s 2024 box office was approximately $2.8 billion, accounting for 35% of the global box office, temporarily ranking first in the world. The flourishing Chinese market has also sparked the interest of international filmmakers.  

On May 15, the “Roundtable: How China’s Film Industry Cooperates with International Community” event, about envisioning new directions and futures for international film cooperation, took place at the China Pavilion in the international village. Filmmakers from China and abroad discussed fostering international film cooperation and envisioned the future with an international perspective. Mao Yu, executive deputy director general of China Film Administration, attended the event, shared China’s film practices and achievements in recent years and engaged in discussions with guests. Actor Huang Bo, vice chairman of the China Film Association, and actor Fei Xiang also attended the event. 

Later during the festival, the pavilion will host several special events such as film promotion activities for the documentary “Kangxi and Louis XIV,” a Chinese French co-production, and “Fade Away Pastoral,” a film about the migration of pastoralists in Xinjiang, China. In addition, this year’s “Blue Book of Film: Global Film Industry Development Report” will be unveiled. 

The pavilion will also host China Film Foundation’s “China’s New Talents Going Global Program” series events, including “Dialogue: Infinite Possibilities of Films,” “Roundtable: The Pathway from Short Film to Feature Film” and “Panel Discussion: The Voice and Perseverance of Female Filmmakers,” etc. 

This year, the China Film Pavilion invited more than 60 Chinese film companies and related entities, including China Film Co. Ltd., Hua Xia Film Distribution Co. Ltd., Shanghai Film Group, Pearl River Film Group, Xiao Xiang Pictures, Tianshan Film Studio, Bona Film Group, iQIYI, China Film Archive, China Film Foundation, Beijing Film Academy, the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Beijing International Film Festival. Representatives of these companies engaged in discussions and exchanges with exhibitors, filmmakers and media from various countries and regions.  

“We were eager to share all these wonderful films with audiences worldwide,” an exhibitor said. “At the booth, we fully experienced the expectations of foreign buyers for Chinese films and felt their eagerness to cooperate with Chinese filmmakers. The pavilion also bridged us with our overseas counterparts and enables us to embrace more business and cooperation opportunities.”