, a Chilean internet protocol television (IPTV) company, has reportedly exposed user data due to a misconfigured server.

The leak, discovered by the Cybernews research team, contained over 100,000 user records, including names, email addresses, IP addresses, user device details, and partial payment information. The data was publicly accessible for three days before being secured.

While Cybernews initially assessed that all users were affected, the company disputed this claim, stating that no more than 3,000 users were exposed and that no sensitive credit card information was compromised. The exact number of affected users remains unknown.

The incident highlights the importance of proper server configuration and data security measures for companies handling sensitive user information. IPTV providers, like, must ensure that their systems are secure and regularly monitored to prevent data breaches and protect user privacy.

As the investigation continues, will need to transparently communicate with its users and take necessary steps to prevent future incidents.

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