This week the largest anti-piracy group in the world, ACE or the Motion Picture Association’s Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, got a new Chief of Content Protection in Larissa Knapp, who spent 27 years with the FBI. Knapp was the fourth-highest ranking official in the FBI and has agreed to join ACE as it fights to stop piracy and IPTV services.

“Larissa’s extraordinary background leading investigations teams across the world and successfully pursuing criminal cases will undoubtedly take ACE’s content protection efforts to a new peak of excellence,” said Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association. “With Larissa’s experience in high-risk, complex organizational environments coupled with her visionary leadership, I’m confident that our content protection enforcement business will only grow in stature and impact, as we safeguard the rights and productions of all those who conceive, develop, and deliver creative masterpieces for screens big and small.”

“I am honored to be part of such an iconic global organization that prioritizes the integrity of the creative economy, driven by ACE members’ groundbreaking films, TV series, and streaming content. These works represent some of the most influential and accessible forms of artistic expression, connecting creators with audiences on a profound level,” Knapp said. “My career in law enforcement has afforded me the opportunity to lead strategic initiatives protecting legal rights and addressing crime on a large scale, and I look forward to leveraging that experience in the fight against copyright infringement on behalf of our members and content creators around the world.”

As media companies struggle to make their streaming services profitable, they are increasingly trying to stop piracy any way they can. ACE has been leading this charge, and now it is hoped with Knapp’s experience at the FBI she can bring new ideas and push to help stop piracy.

Recently efforts to stop piracy have moved from lawsuits to criminal charges. Having someone with Knapp’s experience can help ACE ensure that when they press charges, they have everything in order.

As media companies struggle to become profitable again, look for their fight to stop piracy to grow.

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