Nicolas Cage did not name his 2023 film, ‘Dream Scenario,’ but did pick his 2018 horror movie ‘Mandy.’

Nicolas Cage has 120 film credits to his name, per IMDB, with about five more films on the docket for the next few years, though, sadly, none of them are National Treasure 3. One might think that it would be hard to narrow that list down to a top 5, but Cage has actually already done it himself.

The iconic actor dropped the list during an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and some of his choices may surprise fans. Making Cage’s list of favorite Cage flicks are Pig (2021), Mandy (2018), Bringing Out the Dead (1999), Bad Lieutenant (2009), and Joe (2013).

Cage also mentioned his 1988 movie Vampire’s Kiss, after Colbert confessed that Face/Off is his favorite of Cage’s movies. “I love Face/Off,” Cage replied. “You know, what was interesting about Face/Off – and I could’ve mentioned Vampire’s Kiss. Vampire’s Kiss was a little movie I made where I was able to explore my more abstract dreams with film performance.”

“I was sadly playing a character who was losing his mind that he was beginning to think he was the vampire from the original Nosferatu movie,” he continued. “And when you’re playing a character who’s losing his mind, he can believe he’s Nosferatu. So I got to act like a German expressionistic silent movie star.”

Cage went on to say, “And that was cool, these facial expressions and whatnot. But Face/Off was a big studio movie that I made at Paramount and I was able to use what I learned from this little Vampire’s Kiss movie and put it in this giant movie and it worked. I was like, ‘People really dig this.'”

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