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Director Afra Nuarey participates a question and answer session after the screening of her documentary film ‘Head Above Water’ at the Drik Studio of the DrikPath Bhaban at Panthapath in the capital on Monday. | Press release photo

‘Cine Sandhya’ a Goethe-Institut Bangladesh-organised monthly film screening event, screened two films at the Drik Studio of the DrikPath Bhaban at Panthapath in the capital on Monday.

The event featured Afra Nuarey-directed Bangla documentary film titled Head Above Water and Uli Decker-directed German documentary film titled Anima – My Father’s Dresses.

The event also featured a question and answer session titled Talk with the Filmmaker, participated by Afra Nuarey.

The film ‘Heads Above Water’ portrays the realities of the struggle of the hijra community, revolving around the life of three persons — Mita, Farzana, and Munni.

‘I studied gender studies and always curious about how the people of the hijra community define their identity and maintain their power structures,’ said Afra Nuarey, adding that she completed her research about the community in July 2021, and then started filming.

A crowdfunding film, Heads Above Water’, attempts to depict the culture of the community and to make them aware, she said.

Afra Nuarey also thinks that people’s lack of knowledge about them is to some extent a threat for the people of the community.

‘I planned to make a full-length film about them in future,’ added Afra, who also discussed the background and experience of making the film with the audience.

Uli Decker’s ‘Anima – My Father’s Dresses’ is based on a true story comprising animation and real-life footages. The film also depicts family secrets and redefines gender roles after the death of Uli’s father.

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