Some downtown San Diego business owners met with city leaders this week to give voice to concerns about crime happening in and around their businesses.

A large portion of the crimes being discussed were committed by homeless people, according to owners who spoke with NBC 7 on Friday.

“They are out front screaming at customers, throwing things at us, going to the bathroom out front, which has been the main issue lately,” said David Diehl, the owner of D3 Home Modern Furniture.

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott attended the meeting with business owners and concerned residents to share information about how her office prosecutes cases and tips for people to help keep the community safe.

“City prosecutors bring charges when a business owner has identified a suspect and police have obtained the evidence required to prove the suspect’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law,” Elliott said in a statement sent to NBC 7. “Meetings like last night are incredibly helpful in providing information about the role prosecutors, police and the public play in the safety of our communities.”

Crime and the fear of it are causing some owners to lose business, according to Diehl.

“It affects people because where we are located, the Crack Shack is right at the corner,” Diehl said. “They come toward us, and if there’s a homeless person that is screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, you can hear them down there and that stops them from coming down to see us, so it affects our business.”

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