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De Soto residents have watched the Panasonic EV battery plant grow since it’s groundbreaking in 2022. Now some local business owners have said they’re already reaping the benefits. Construction isn’t supposed to be done until 2025.

One example is Cause Coffee. Owner Tara Stucky said she’s doubled her staff since construction started. She said construction workers, managers, and other businesses are adding to her clientele.

“I’ve been told the true change hasn’t even come to town yet,” Stucky said.

Tara Stucky, owner of Cause Coffee in De Soto

All the proceeds from Cause Coffee go back into the community and other non-profits, so Stucky sees more business as a positive.

“We won’t be able to provide for the needs of of people just with our singular coffee shop that’s in town, so I support other people’s dreams, as well,” Stucky said.

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Donnie Christ at Beer 30 said business has been rough with COVID and inflation, but the Panasonic plant has changed that.

“It kinda started turning things around,” Christ said. “I’ve been getting quite a few people from out there and they’re all good people.”

Donnie Christ, owner of Beer 30 in De Soto

Christ said the local bar has seen a 5-percent increase in profits. But he said some of his customers aren’t as thrilled with the plant.

“They’re not real happy because their taxes are starting to go up, there’s more people coming into town,” Christ said. “Like anybody, they don’t want change.”

It’s a big addition to the area, but both business owners believe this change can be for the better.

“You’re not gonna stop progress, you might as well accept it and do the best with it that you can,” Christ said.

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